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The Raw Chocolate Company

Chocolate with Soul

For the adventurers, the wonderers and the fun! Hand-crafted chocolate to put a smile on your face.

Award-winning chocolate made with organic, minimally processed cacao to ensure the end results are raw, vegan, organic and delicious! Made in the UK.


Conscious Chocolate

Chocolate on Another Level

The Conscious range exudes deep cacao flavours and the infused essence of magic and nature.

Deliciously divine, Conscious Chocolate takes the finest raw ingredients casts them into award winning vegan chocolate, made in the UK.


Seed and Bean

Extraordinary chocolate. Ethically made.

Bursting with bold and adventurous flavours, Seed and Bean Chocolates redefine indulgence.

Made in the UK with Organic and sustainably sourced cocoa, each bite of our delicious award-winning chocolate bars is a celebration of taste!


Philippe Conticini

Artisanal Chocolate

Regarded by his peers and the media as one of the leading figures in contemporary French and international gastronomy.

The Michelin-star chef now turns his masterful gaze to chocolate.

Philippe Conticini's chocolate creations are frank, generous and full of emotion.

He has already created some of the great classics of modern patisserie: his masterful Paris-Brest almond/hazelnut, the Gran cru Vanille, his revisited Tarte Saint-Honoré and the Flan à la vanille. Now, he pours all that emotion and experience into these delicious short-run chocolate bars.

  • Zero Waste Chocolate Creations

    Cacao coated fruit and nuts for the complete plastic-free, raw, vegan and organic offering.

  • Retail Packaged Chocolate

    Award-winning vegan, raw, organic chocolate bars, snacks and seasonal chocolate gifts, readily prepared in plastic-free packaging.



Where can I buy wholesale chocolate UK?

You can buy wholesale chocolate directly from, via our wholesale partners, or via other online marketplaces such as Faire and Ankorstore.

Can I bulk buy chocolate even if I'm not a business?

You can bulk buy chocolate if you are looking to cater for an event such as if you are seeking bulk buy chocolate for weddings or parties. To learn more about this and what the minimum order quantities may be, please get in touch.

Where can I buy plastic-free packed chocolate?

Our chocolate comes in two main formats - zero waste and retail packs.

Zero waste chocolate come in 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg bags depending on the product, and are the ideal wholesale chocolate solution for zero waste and refill shops.

Retail packed chocolate are packed in plastic-free, compostable packaging.