Healthier Wedding Favours - Organic, Vegan, Raw Wedding Favours

Healthier Wedding Favours - Organic, Vegan, Raw Wedding Favours

Healthy wedding favours made from sustainably sourced ingredients, present the couple with an opportunity to share their passion for the environment as their guests enjoy delicious treats.

Organic wedding favours like the ones used by Junior and Abigail needed to be made from clean ingredients, avoiding refined sugar and additives which often make an ingredients list sounds like the inside of a scientists cupboard.

Vegan wedding favours present an opportunity to cover a vast array of dietary requirements, such as diary and eggs, whilst picking a wedding favour which is gluten free further increases the inclusivity.

Where to find healthy wedding favours?

You can find healthy wedding favours at Adar Chocolates. Our cacao coated fruits and nuts, and our chocolate buttons, are inclusive, vegan, organic and raw, whilst being sustainably sourced. 

We were approached by Junior and Abigail during their wedding planning this year and they asked us the best way to cater for their healthy wedding favours. As a leading chocolate wholesalers, we were able to suggest a wide of chocolate coated snacks in bulk. This enabled the couple to mix and match their chocolate selection and create their own unique wedding favours.

Here's what they had to say:


My wife Abigail and I, try as much as possible to pick healthy/organic options when it comes to food and we didn't want to give our guests anything we wouldn't have ourselves.
When looking for wedding favours for our guests, we initially spent a lot of time researching for healthy dragees everywhere online but we couldn't find any. Most were full of sugar and additives so we abandon that option and started looking for healthy/organic chocolate brands which products could make for great wedding favours; and that's how we came across Adar Chocolates.
Needless to say, my wife and I loved it and so did our all our guests.
Junior & Abigail
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