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PHILIPPE CONTICINI - Please note that these bars may contain dairy.

Chocolat au Lait 46%

Chocolat au Lait 46%

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100g and 38g bars available.

Classic, creamy, high cacao milk chocolate. cacao solids min: 46%; milk solids min: 20%.

Indulge your senses with the exquisite Chocolat au Lait 46% chocolate bar, crafted by the renowned French chef, Philippe Conticini. Elevate your chocolate experience with the perfect blend of quality and craftsmanship that only a master like Conticini can deliver.
Philippe Conticini, a luminary in the culinary world, has poured his passion for perfection into every square of our chocolate bars. Made with the finest cacao beans that delivers an intense chocolate experience. Conticini's commitment to quality extends to every ingredient, creating a harmonious balance that distinguishes these bars from the ordinary.

Philippe Conticini's expertise brings a touch of French culinary finesse to your palate, making our chocolate bars a delightful experience for chocolate enthusiasts around the world.

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  • Ingredients

    sugar, cacao butter, cacao mass, whole milk powder, cacao powder, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring.


    Allergens in bold. May contain nuts. Store in a cool, dry, dark place, 18°C.

  • More Information

    RRP: 100g Bar £5.99. 38g Bar £3.50. To get more information on our Chocolat au Lait 46%, please contact us.

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